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About Us
Mission Statement
Who We Are
The MAC Foundation was created to help its residents in their greatest time of need. 
The MAC (Mayfield Area Communities) Foundation is a non-profit organization that gives back 100% of its donations to any recipient(s) in our area that has encountered an unexpected hardship. MAC is made up of Mayfield Heights, Mayfield Village, Highland Heights and Gates Mills. We are proud to have the backing of the Mayfield City School System and our community law enforcement agencies.
Hardship Support: Residents are referred to the MAC Foundation by our local law enforcement agencies, school administration or by personal reference. Fundraisers are held throughout the year to ensure our ability to support those who qualify. 

Scholarship Awards: The MAC Foundation scholarship(s) are given to a student(s) that least expect them. Educators and school administration are given the opportunity to submit a nomination letter on a students behalf. The letters are given a thorough review and a student(s) is selected.

We are fully financially supported through the generosity and contributions from local individuals, businesses and annual fundraisers. We are actively seeking donations and sponsors at this time. It is through your generosity and goodwill that enables us to continue to make a difference in people’s lives. 

What We Do & How

Erin Jekutis Sipos is a Mayfield Resident and Class of 96’ Alumni of Mayfield High School. She has taken her own life experiences and fueled a strong desire to help those in need who reside in our neighboring communities. Her belief is that together we can accomplish great things for others.

    “Unfortunately a hardship can happen to anyone, in any form. I wanted to have a place for people to turn to for help when they need it. So many organizations take a percentage of what was intended for a person or cause, this Foundation gives all of its proceeds directly to where it's intended."
How It All Began
Erin had once assembled a Team of Volunteers who worked closely together in the past raising $60,000 dollars for a single cause. 

    “If we could be that successful for one organization, can you imagine what we will be able to do for all causes and have the ability to give all the money back to our residents and families?”