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"Helping one person may not change the world, 
but it could change the world for one person."
"I was going through the worst week of my life. My child went missing. I was a a complete wreck. 

The ladies of the MAC foundation reached out to me the day after I discovered Jeremy was gone. They immediately started a food train to make sure we were eating and also started raising money. Within hours, people signed up to deliver food for two solid weeks and by the time it stopped, I had meals coming for almost a whole month. People took time out of their day to make sure we ate. 

I can't tell you how much that meant to us. We found Jeremy in Texas six and a half days later. The money raised bought the plane ticket for Jeremy to come home!! The help and love those girls showed me during the WORST week of my life can never be repaid, nor can it be thanked enough." 

- Trisha DiCenso
“The MAC Foundation did an amazing job with its first fundraiser at the Wildcat Sport and Fitness. They donated the use of the pool to the Mayfield High School Swim team to allow them to create a canvas artwork in memory of Stevie Grieshammer and provided a scholarship in honor of Stevie. Tremendous support from the MAC Foundation during this difficult time.”

 - Councilman Steve Schutt
Hardship Awards & Good Deeds
"Along with a few FB posts, which were then shared over 100 times, we were able to raise $6700 for Vivienne Whittle. Thanks to all of you who contributed, assisted in the logistics and gave your time to make that possible.

This is what we do.... 
We suit up and show up when our residents need us. We solicit for funds through out the year to be able to provide multiple services for the members of our communities.  We take our Hardship Awards very seriously and will never give money to anyone who does not fall under our umbrella of qualifications."
The MAC Foundation was able to provide housing assistance for a family of five in Mayfield Heights over Christmas after a tragic house fire.  Staybridge Suites gave a discount for their extended stay and was very accommodating.  All of the donations recieved were being kept at Security Storage in Highland Heights. Security Storage gave one month free to her and her family, so please consider them for further services.  We are proud to announce that the family was able  to move into a new home.  Because of community support and generous contributions, we were able to assist the family with a $500 Hardship Award and $1500 in Gift Cards.
"The MAC Foundation truly helped my student’s family during a heartbreaking situation. My student was diagnosed with cancer as a young child and her cancer had intensified and spread fast throughout her teenage years. As my student was fighting every day for strength and hope, her family was emotionally and financially drained. The MAC Foundation immediately stepped in and paid for the family’s rent as well as set up fundraisers. The MAC Foundation shared this heartbreaking story with the community. Immediately community members were quick to offer furniture, food and gift cards to help the family focus on the little time they had left with their daughter. Unfortunately, my student did pass away and The Mac Foundation continued to offer support for the family. As a parent/teacher/community member, I will forever be grateful for the MAC Foundation who truly helped this family during their tragic loss."  

Nicole Durosko
"I wanted to show you what OUR COMMUNITY did for this Family ♥️

Two teenagers created a Boutique for a Mother and her Children to shop... we couldn’t imagine sorting through all the bags on the floor so we made it as pleasant as we could.... the Gratitude radiated like nothing I had ever seen before! All because you guys took the time to sort and shop and provide for one of our own....their terrible situation, doesn’t seem so terrible anymore. 

We ordered pizza, played with toys, laughed and cried....The best part?? The smiles. They all smiled so big! 

Be proud MAC! You suited up and showed up like no other Community in 48hrs.
They have everything they need including a Christmas Tree with all the trimmings, wrapped gifts and HOPE for a brighter tomorrow. 
I mean seriously.... it truly doesn’t get any better!"  -Erin Sipos

The MAC was able to pay a mortgage payment for a single mother from our community that sadly had her daughter pass away. 

Congratulations to Erin Sipos 
on being named 2019 Mayfield Heights
Citizen of the Year!